Who is Barış Türkel

Barış Türkel is founder of POWERISTDA, which is located in Münster, Germany. Barış is generaly focused on Athletic Sports Performance development through his Strength and Conditioning knowledge. He has helped athletes at all levels - from youth sports to the professional and Olympic Ranks - achieve their highes potential and performance in their career in a variety of sports. As a coach, he is perhaps best known for his extensive work with competitive Swimmers, Basketball Players, CrossFit Athletes and Triathletes from all around the Europe.

Barış Türkel is graduated Sport Scientist from Istanbul Haliç University, Physical Education and Exercise Science Bachelor Degree. He wrote and published his Bachelor Thesis about "Anthropometric Measurements and Body Composition Comparison of 16-18 years old male and female Turkish National Team Olympic Swimmers (2014)".   Currently, he studies his second Bachelor Degree as a Sport Science student at Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster in Human Movements in Sport and Exercise.

As a former competitor,  Barış has played Basketball in different teams over 10 years at Regional Leauge as Semi-Professional Basketball Player in Istanbul beside his Sport Studies. Nowadays, he has been actively training as a CrossFit Athlete, Basketball Player and Swimmer. He is recognized as a Coach who can jump, swim, sprint and lift alongside his best athletes to push them to higher levels and keep them healthy in the process.

Barış Türkel is currently a Swimming Trainer and Athletic and Performance Trainer of SG Schwimmen Münster which is competing at 2nd Bundesliga in German Swimming League and qualifying each year over 10 Athletes for German Short & Long Course Swimming Championships. Beside that, he is a Strength and Conditioning of WWU Baskets who was competing at 1st Regional Basketball League West but promoted to ProB 2nd Bundesliga at 2017/2018 season.

Although prepared in a variety of sports of knowlegde, Barış Türkel specializes in applied Biomechanics as they relate to program design and corrective exercise; Maximal Relative Strength Development and Athletic Performance Enhancement. Please feel free to contact Barış in any type of his service at contact@poweristda.de